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Ronaldo Is Driven to Perfection – CR 7 Drive

September 6, 2015

Cristiano Ronaldo is driven to perfection. Watch the Portuguese soccer legend show off his skills and demonstrate how he pushes for perfection at all times. In the competitive world of international soccer, superstar Cristiano Ronaldo constantly drives himself to perfect his game. This year has been a record-breaking season for Ronaldo, winning his second Ballon […]

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Khoo Cai Lin, Swimmer, Malaysia – Herbalife Athlete Profile

September 28, 2012

An interview with Herbalife-sponsored athlete Khoo Cai Lin, the award-winning swimmer from Malaysia. Cai Lin discusses her 20-year career in swimming, her favorite Herbalife products and the benefits to her sports performance. Herbalife Nutrition For Sports – For example, Khoo Cai Lin takes Formula 1 before a workout.

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Fitness Plan Template

April 15, 2012

Herbalife24FIT is a 24-week program, designed to build your fitness in an effective and sustainable way. This home-fitness system utilizes periodization principles to systematically vary exercises and intensity, helping to achieve maximum physical adaptation. This Fitness Plan Template was developed by Herbalife with the help of Robert Forster, a  well-known physical therapist and performance specialist. […]

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Herbalife and La Galaxy Renew Nutrition Partnership

March 17, 2012

MLS Cup-Champions LA Galaxy and Herbalife announced today a record 10-year extension to their existing agreement that will see the global nutrition company continue as the official presenting sponsor and jersey sponsor of the Galaxy. The landmark extension to the partnership will run through the 2022 MLS season and is valued at over $44 million, […]

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Diet For Endurance

March 7, 2012

Many athletes rely on endurance to succeed in their athletic endeavors. Endurance is simply the ability to sustain a consistent level of exertion for a long period of time. There are four types of endurance: aerobic, anaerobic, speed, and strength. All involve producing ATP as fuel from glucose in the bloodstream and glycogen stored in […]

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