Athletes exert more energy than a sedentary person, and thus are often NADH depleted. Therefore a NADH supplement will boost energy and improve all-around performance of physical activity. Research conducted by Birkmayer and colleagues on competitive athletes indicate that NADH enhances work capacity. Researchers measured reaction times, physical performance, and performance in competitive cyclists and long-distance runners. All subjects took NADH in the mornings on an empty stomach daily for four weeks. The level and amount of exercise each individual underwent remained the same as before they began taking the supplements, to ensure accuracy. After the four weeks, nearly all of the athletes experienced increases in oxygen capacity. Overall 16 of the 17 subjects had improvements in their reaction times.

For Athletes and increase sports performance

A study by the Department of Sports Medicine at the University clinic in Freiberg Germany, tested highly conditioned athletes. After supplementing with 30 mg of Coenzyme 1 per day, they experienced an increase in increase of 7% a muscular ATP, increased levels of oxygen in the bloodstream, lower lactate blood levels and improved recovery time

Here are some other ways that NADH is the perfect supplement for athletes:

* Increased energy
* Increased reaction time
* Greater mental acuity and alertness
* Improved oxygen capacity
* Immune system boost

QuickSpark provides Coenzyme 1 which triggers ATP energy production at a cellular level


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